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The state-of-the-art Aluminum Tile Trim are available at competitive pricing. These tile-trim products boast of stylish and trendy designs for all your skirting needs. They are made of high quality non-toxic material and are competitively priced. Being made of near-pure aluminum materials and developed under high quality control processes, Aluminum Tile Trim are the best solutions for a perfect room design.

Vast Selection of Aluminum Tile Trim Profiles

Shenghai Aluminum is the leading ceramic tile trim profile distributor and manufacturer in China. We’re a trusted partner in many countries. Shenghai Aluminum keeps up with the times responding to the world’s changes and offering new profile solutions. As we’re a manufacturer, we can create a custom-made tile edging profile for you. It will take us approximately two weeks to work out a product.

Shenghai Aluminum offers a wide range of tile trim profiles for any demand and need. Our products are made of high-quality materials. We offer the best aluminum solutions at the affordable prices. Even if you have a black ceramic bath, a trim profile for your designer tiles you can find at Shenghai Aluminum. We can send free aluminum profile samples within one business day.

Aluminium trim profiles are available in the following colors:

Since every design is unique, we’ve worked out an extensive range of surface treatments to meet every design. You can choose colors of profiles as well as a surface treatment:

Note, tiles are available in different thickness. And aluminum tile trim profiles also come in different thickness to protect tile edges at corners and to make tile appearance more attractive and neat. Shenghai Aluminum provides a full range of profile products including corner pieces to create practically invisible joints for both internal and external corners.

Aluminium Profile Key Features:

Only High-Quality Products

Though the process of manufacturing is complicated enough, our specialists control every production stage to ensure the highest quality of our tile trim products. Shenghai Aluminum profiles are sold to distributors all over the world.

Shanghai Aluminum products for professionals, order our tile trim solutions at the best prices.

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