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Aluminum Slatwalls – innovative storage and display systems

What is a slatwall?

Aluminum Slatwall (or sometimes known as Slotwall) is a system of interlocked aluminum slots that is widely used in commercial industry for storing, organizing and displaying of items for sale. The multiple finish options give an opportunity to match the color of slatwalls with the overall design of the establishment.

Features of aluminum slatwalls

Aluminum slatwall panels are produced from the finest aluminum that guarantees their ability to withhold heavy weights and tolerate various weather conditions if placed outside. Slotwalls are made of aluminum sections that can vary in the length and load capacity depending on the customer’s requirements.

The stackable function of slatwall panels with aluminum inserts allows attaching hooks and hangers to exhibit any kind of product that company or customer produces. The hooks can be arranged and rearranged easily by sliding a hook into the groove at the front of the slatwall.

Slatwalls with aluminum inserts can be conveniently attached to wood studs, drywall or brickwork to strengthen the surfaces they are placed on and avert any possible damage that could happen to the area from the heavy weight of demonstrated items. These characteristics of aluminum slatwalls make them one of the best material for display and storing walls.

Why purchase slatwalls made of aluminum from the manufacturer?

Ordering slatwalls straight from the manufacturer has a lot of benefits. Our clients are met with an individual approach to their orders. Even though Foshan Shenghai Aluminum Co. manufactures aluminum slatwalls in one size,  our company provides additional cutting services to alter the slotwalls for further usage according to the specifications given in the order.

Our manufacturing capacities can fulfill the orders for slatwalls production of any volume in the limited amount of time. By choosing to work with a producer, clients receive the guarantee of getting a building material of the proper quality and durability.

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