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Choose Top-Quality Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

As one of the top-rated aluminum profile LED suppliers, Foshan Shenghai Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides its customers with a range of premium-quality products that are always within the budget. Each our aluminum profile for LED lighting is designed with a meticulous attention focused on the manufacturing process, specification development, and quality assurance.

Whether you strive to complement your existing interior or get energy-efficiency benefits from innovative technologies, the high-performance aluminium LED profile may be the answer. Take a look at a full range of products on our website and don’t hesitate to drop us a line in case if you demand something more custom. Our clients’ requirements are our priority.

Our products help to keep up with the times

In the good old days, various lighting fixtures were designed to be used with regular incandescent lamps. Today, a solid gear with LED strips is dramatically growing in popularity. Over the past few years, more and more people realized the easy-maintenance and corrosion-resistant benefits of the LED aluminium profile.

Apart from water- and weather-resistant advantages, all our profiles are simple to install and suitable for construction. Moreover, we perform anodization process, electrophoresis, and powder coating for each product so that you can be reassured in their quality and long-term lifespan.

Commitment to the highest quality

Gradually, all the lighting changes to LED technology that can be used both indoor and outdoor with similar efficiency. To make any lighting décor more sophisticated, we offer a range of elegant and rigid profiles in a variety of colors and coating, from champagne to bronze. All our products are perfectly suited for residential and office needs

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